a compilation of some of my thoughts over the last couple years, a place to ponder and share, a kind of archive for myself.  the pages “mobility” and “motivation” are resource lists in progress that pertain to topics i want to continue learning about: mobility justice and applicable/appropriate education models.  take it all with a grain of salt, and PLEASE offer your thoughts, if you’d be so kind.

i have tons of love for my faeries, my history nerds, dancers movers and shakers, song singers and song screamers, teachers students and babies, mad love for alternative food distribution/preservation efforts and collective agriculture, deep respect and awe for the swirling universe that sustains us.  hoping to do temp work and solidify more spanish in the short term, be a movement therapist and grower in the long term.

oh hey, my name is jaymes “with a y”, i am from colorado, grew up in australia, lived in cali and studied in massachusetts and mexico.  i am a traveller, cook, performer, teacher, lover and organizer.


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