Migration and mobility need to be safe options for all, on top of the right to stay in one’s home if one wants and still be able to earn a living.  This page is an IN-PROGRESS, PARTIAL accumulation of migration and mobility related organizations, news sites and activism.  I would also argue that having movement and embodied arts in our lives is essential, and i am curious about how to talk about these things in tandem.  i am eager to learn more about some of the trans-border (US and Mexico border that is) arts groups that i have heard about — if you know anything please let me know!

Border Realities

No Mas Muertes/No More Deaths, an organization doing humanitarian work on the US-Mexico border.

O’odham Solidarity Project, from a reservation that crosses the arbitrary border.

Puente, an organization working for justice in Arizona.
Then there is mobility in a different sense: women’s health and birth justice.  The Black Women Birthing Resistance project is working towards cultural justice by documenting stories of trauma and resistance among southern Black women.


In early December there are two days of international action that have to do with social/environmental justice.


December 5: Via Campesina International Food Sovereignty Day to Cool Down the Earth

more information from the Rukus Society.



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