Jaymes Timpson Winell

21yo from Colorado, raised in Australia, calls the Bay Area and  Western Mass homes, has a love and respect for Mexico.

The Need:  a patchwork of projects and work that will contribute to the common good and sustain and define me.  Please contact me if you are open to collaborating/strategizing on any of the topics below or if you have ideas. I am currently based in Oakland, California.


San Francisco School of the Arts (highschool)

2004-2008   Graduated from dance department
Mexico Solidarity Network semester of study

Fall 2010   Mexican history, political economy, social movements.
Hampshire College

May 2012    BA received, thesis work was in family/U.S. labor history and presented in writing and performance.


For ten years I have provided childcare for individual families.  In the last several years I also staffed childcare center during reproductive justice conferences, led multiple movement workshops with children and worked closely with infants at a daycare facility.  I am passionate about raising children with love and open to working with all ages needing care.

Growing Gardens
Since 2002 I have worked on vegetable and animal farms as a volunteer, working CSA member and paid farm hand. I have played in gardens and helped with gardening for as long as I can remember  :).   I hope to contribute to collectively run urban gardens and neighborhood/yard gardens as much as possible in the near future for pay and not.

Offering Movement Workshops
Graduated from the San Francisco School of the Arts in 2008 as a dance concentrator, and studied dance and theatre for community building at Hampshire College for a BA in 2012.  I am passionate about body-positive movement and environments that both challenge and heal us.  In highschool I studied ballet, modern-jazz-blues, improvisation and choreographed a piece for ten dancers that was performed in front of 2,000 people.  Since then I have been mentored in group improvisation, various methods in community theatre and Theatre of the Oppressed. For a year I was an Artist in Residence with “The Performance Project” which served teenagers in Springfield, MA.  I have offered workshops in Mexico City, Colorado, California, Maryland and Massachusetts for people aged 5 to 65.  These workshops have ranged from body awareness/appreciation, improvisation techniques, group challenges and vocal exercises.  In the 90min workshop I offered at the Great Labor Arts Exchange I encouraged participants to directly link their dancing to their politics,which produced inspiring mini-performances.

Cooking and Hosting
My love for preparing food began young, and I was independently catering therapy retreats by the age of 16.  I have worked in the food industry since 2006 and contributed to Food Not Bombs meals for over a year.  I enjoy a range of prep cooking, cooking to order, large quantities of food, preservation techniques, welcoming guests and creating an inviting atmosphere for dining.

Performing the “Red Flame”
The passion of political organizers during the Great Depression earned us the eight hour work day, the five day work week, unemployment insurance and social security.  My grandmother was one of many people who worked for these rights.  Anne Burlak Timpson was called the “Red Flame” by both friend and enemy.  She testified in front of Senator Joseph McCarthy himself and had to go into hiding for a short time during the 1950s. The solo-performance I created is a hybrid of social studies and the arts, runs about an hour and is best followed with a discussion or follow-up workshop.  It is a very bare-bones production requiring only the ability to play a CD and the use of three chairs.  Honorariums or donations towards this work are extremely appreciated but fundamentally I am most interested in sharing her story.  Reviews and footage of past performances available upon request.


Profile  A young organizer, student teacher and performer with a unique combination of experiences and interests that include popular education,  community arts, food justice and decolonization.

Experienced in grassroots movement building, workshop facilitation, canvassing, outreach, conference organizing, event moderation, dance and theatre workshop facilitation, performance skills, food cultivation and processing, history research, transportation coordination and hospitality.


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