the subject of my division iii project at hampshire, Granny Anne, or Anne Burlak Timpson, was known to some as ‘The Red Flame,’ either as an insult as in the Lawrence, MA, priest who warned his congregation to “stay way from her” because she was a “red flame from hell” or as a compliment to her dedication and passion. She was very involved in the labor and communist movements in the united states, was arrested dozens of times and amassed quite the FBI file.  throughout my final year at Hampshire College I worked with dancer-historians to write parts of her biography and devise a one-person “dance-play” that involved multimedia performance, songs, audience involvement, historical fiction and re-enactment and an application to contemporary organizing (it was a fundraiser for the Audre Lorde Project, Justice Now, the National Lawyers Guild and the Prison Birth Project).

CONTACT ME at redflame@riseup.net for a copy of my writing or a dvd of the performance.


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