i hope to unleash some unexpected grooves in people.

for the next two weeks i’ll be having fun for FREE!

facilitating movement/sound improv workshops.

“Need to shake off some anxiety or frustration? Want a new creative outlet? Have you ever said, “I can’t dance?” If you answered yes to any of the above, this gathering is for you! Jaymes Winell will be facilitating a workshop that builds from individual improvisation in movement and sound into an exciting group experience. We’ll start slow and easy by exploring some movement techniques and exercises. By the end of the workshop the whole group will be improvising together, combining our unique styles of movement and musical sensibilities. There will be a discussion/debriefing group afterward where we can reflect on improvised art and take our gutsy, dancing selves to our communities with new energy and ideas. These workshops could culminate in a surprise event the weekend of July 16…”


What is the surprise event, you might be asking.

(flash mob!!!!!!!)

here’s an official event posting: http://www.artlabfortcollins.org/?p=3821





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