the five months in méxico went by very quickly. to all spanish speakers potantially reading my blog- my entries in spanish are riddled with mistakes but still paint a picture of my time there. they were written for one of our professors on the program, and i decided to share them here as well.

this year i spent my first christmas alone, in an airport actually. it felt somehow appropriate that my first christmas during my 20s would be low-key. i arrived in colorado on the 26th, and have since come to california. the culture shock isn´t as intense as i was expecting and i´m not sure why. i think partly it is because the mexican economy is fairly close to the US and mexico city especially was a hub of commerce. you can get a surprising range of cheap products there and people come from all over the country to stock up for inventory in their own regions.

my professor from the Mexico Solidarity Network was right when he said that our ears were going to be alert to any mention of immigrants, México, Mexicans or the border. I´ve already gotten into some intense discussions at casual get-togethers and i´m sure many more will come. oh the art of communication…


for now that´s all. just getting myself psyched up for another semester and life back east.





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