the following is a description of a potential course at hampshire class that i would co-facilitate with compañeras Leticia Contreras and Jamie Blair.


We will be working together for the next three months to co-facilitate an educational project that explores concepts of citizenship as well as an array of social movements specifically grounded in US-Mexico history.  A guiding question will be how to create change without taking power.  We will explore social movements that are occurring in other parts of the US and Mexico in order to examine and inform our own participation.  The process will be integral to the goals/outcomes of this course.  Thus, we will rely on participatory forms of education incorporating theater of liberation, critical pedagogy and other forms of collaborative work.  Throughout the course of this time together, we plan to create an end of semester project that is both relevant and useful to our immediate body of peers and the surrounding community.  Possible project ideas include creation of a zine, a community theater event, mural or public art works, or development of other ongoing community resource.  “Educate yourselves because we will need all your intelligence.  Rouse yourselves because we will need all your enthusiasm.  Organize yourselves because we will need all your strength!” [L’Ordine Nuovo: 1919].



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