Ayer fuimos al Tlaxcala para conocer ex-Bracero trabajadores. Wow! Muy fuerte historia de los ex-Braceros. I think it is a huge part of the history of American immigration that so many do not know about. The US Labor department was at one time the largest labor contractor of the world!! Among the many injustices, their 10% of their wages were witheld for a few reasons – to encourage returning to México when done with their jobs, so that employers would have some cash available, and so that when they returned to México they would have some money to spend, since the Mexican government at the time feared that the Bracero workers would drink it all away en el otro lado.  This money was sent in part to the Mexican government through WELLS FARGO no less, and there are documents to prove that it was sent. However, this 10% was never delivered to the vast majority of the ex-Bracero workers and they are now figthing for regognition of their work and their witheld wages. Talk about a group of fierce grannies and grandpas, wow. I bought a dvd documentary about them that someday maybe I will be able to show you. It is so important to recognize that the US has literally been built on the backs and off the sweat and blood (literally they took liters of blood supposedly for testing but they were used to make vaccines and sent to soldiers during WW2!!) of immigrant, foreign, and racially marked workers. Uvo incredible momentos cuando nuestro maestro les digo ‘Gracias para sus trabajo. No podriamos vivir en Estados Unidos sin ustedes.´


Hoy dia tenemos un reunion con CNUC de aqui, Nanacamilpa. CNUC significa Consejo Nacional Urbano Campesino y eso organizacion nace en 2003. El CNUC de Nanacamilpa nace en 2006.  Ellas y ellos son adentro de la Otra Campaña y afuera de los partidos politicos, por muchas razónes, no¿  Entonces, son muy apasionado, intelegente y fuerte y ya ganaron algunos cosas. Vamos a conecer un organizacion de trabajadores sexuales alli en Tlaxcala.



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