i can’t wait to share with you all the interviews that Luz and I did the other day. we went with Magdelena to Comachuen and spent the day with her family.  we did interviews with magdelena’s daughter, Suriyana (13), and her husband’s mother. Then we got all three generations together for some additional questions. actually, it was four generations because Magdelena was holding her son’s baby girl. Both the grandma and the daughter cried in their interviews (real intense at times.). i really enjoyed taking video of the kids, and i love a lot of the moments that are on tape. i’d like to put all this material together in some short piece…but that will have to wait until i have a computer that can handle video editing.

as far as the questions that i had posted earlier, Luz and I backed off of that long list and opted for just telling of stories. Suri was able to do the interview in english so i asked her some of the questions but far from all. the family has invited me back, especially in december where there are several days of fiesta, with the dance of the devil.  if i can make it, i’d love to. but at that point of the year it would mean my travelling alone…which i’m not so comfortable with for long distances. but who knows. either way i’ll send them a copy of the short piece as soon as i finish it.

all in all, WOW. i cannot wait to go back over the videos and make sure i understand every word, since i didn’t interrupt during the interviews but let Luz continue asking questions.

less than a week till classes start in san cristobal, chiapas!


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