hello world,

or at least the small world that occasionally glances at this blog.

I’m a week from starting classes in Chiapas. My mother has been here in michocan with my brother and his novia, Luz, for a month, and is heading back very soon. we got an email that Mexicana, her airline, is going bankrupt!! So we’ll see when she’s actually going to leave the country. But as of now, we say goodbye in a few days and then the three of us head to San Cristobal.

Mum and I took a mini trip to Caleta de Campo, a very small town on the coast. my spanish was tested again and again, but we made it through the four bus journey and found a little slice of paradise. i love the ocean. i always have, just not some of the frighteningly big waves. but wow, the water at Caleta was so warm and the waves were just big enough for some adrenaline when caught but not big enough to really hurt you. we took a few photos and videos that i’ll try to put up here soon.  i enjoyed getting to know the eighteen year old Ruiz who worked at the hotel with just his thirteen year old brother, Gustavo. the arrival of trucks with armed army personell was a little startling on our last day there. but the folks of caleta didn’t seem to view it as much of an anomaly.

today I went to Patzcuaro (twenty minutes from the house we’re staying in) to try to find Magdelena. remember her? i’ve mentioned her a lot, and it was her pueblito that I visited and experienced my first fiesta. well luckily i did find her! i shared the photos i’d taken on a disposable camera. what a precious moment when her two year old took a picture of his two older sisters who he was missing (they are in Comachuen) and gave the picture a big kiss.  Jese, her six year old daughter, did the same to a picture she found of her father.

good news!! magdelena’s husband, Francisco, is getting out of jail before christmas! she had thought it was going to be two years, but i had been calling the jail in Arizona to help her find out about health stuff and we found out today that his sentence is much shorter than thought. Juan y Jese were bouncing…..

Magdelena wants me to come with her to Comachuen another time. like i planned but since i planned we’ve had some health issues in our family and with the bankrupt airline, the departure could be complicated. anyway, i’m really hoping it will work to go with Magdelena on saturday to comachuen. especially because magdelena wants me there when she tells the good news to her spouse’s parents.  this time, i’ll take my camera.


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