and this is what you get.

Speaking in front of people can be really nerve racking, and i know that i tend to speed up and not look people in the eye. the main challenge at this workshop was to focus on one person only…then the next…. etc. This was an exercise at a Speaking Circles workshop where I was trying to maintain eye-contact with one person at a time while giving a talk on any subject for 7 minutes. There is MUCH more I would say on this topic, and engage others in, if given the chance. But this was a very limited venue. i hope this clarifies how this video came to be and its nature. There are at least two corrections regarding the content: immigration is currently enforced by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) which is within the Department of Homeland Security. I said it wasn’t, but I meant to say that it is no longer in the Immigration and Naturalization Services. The second correction is that the National Domestic Worker’s organization is an ALLIANCE, not an association. If i were to give a similar talk again I would try to position my listeners in an urgent role of agency – i.e. there’s hope coming from the grassroots momentum AND a crucial role for every single person to play in the movement for human rights, dignity, and justice. I fear that i left this talk off with “there’s hope cuz other people are doing things” and not “this is serious. think about your role in it and take action” but alas, thats what you get with an unplanned 7 minutes ahead of you to fill up.

Also, i hope that putting a bunch of videos on this blog doesn’t make is unreadable for folks with medium to slow internet connections. are people having trouble viewing stuff? should i just include links or continue embedding? can’t wait to get on a plane and get some space from this colorblind dream we’re living… headed to Michoacan on August 2nd. land of avocados, figs, and pomegranates (among other amazing things, people, and places). open to suggestions for things to do/see in the next month with my mother, who cannot walk too far. you can email me at purplejayme@gmail.com, or leave a comment here! thanks.


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