to start off, this clip was from the US Social Forum in Detroit. Specifically, i was documenting the People’s Movement Assembly on “Migrant Rights From Below.” Here is a report back from a group that discussed criminalization within the US borders. Luz is the main speaker in this video, and she’s rad.

Next up are a couple videos (unedited) from this press conference i sort of happened to be at. It was my second to last day in San Antonio and i was spending time with Southwest Workers’ Union folks. They kept talking about this press conference happening at 10:30 and when it came to be that time, ryan and i joined them in walking over to the Cesar Chavez educational center. this location was or is also a union headquarters…lots of worker struggle history in the San Antonio area. there were tons of amazing photos on the walls. the SWU people, including most of the youth interns, stood around the sides holding banners as various community leaders and members spoke. the occasion? obama taking Arizona’s SB1070 to court.



hard to hear, but this Detroit hip hop artist was fantastic… too bad i was so close to the speakers because you really cannot hear the music. and….i’m sorry to say i’ve forgotten her name. but here she is! enjoy!

this next video is from the deck of my mom’s little apartment in alameda. note: you can’t spell alameda without the word LAME.  (ooomph. kinda says it all) but anyway, she/we are growing a lot of veggies and you can see san francisco in the distance.

and finally, my cats. mom: black and white, named Miski. her son: used to look more siamese, has darkened in recent years, went feral for a few months which made his skitishness more pronounced, named Maximillion. they are my loves. can you hear Max pur??!? mm…been real good to see ’em.


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