i suppose it is the circular conversations from within about this country…or maybe the dominance of airwaves and courtroom verdicts and bank etiquette that is so particular to this empire of united states…….

that makes the thought of leaving feel momentous. like a stretching of a bubble, or forbid, a walk away from the mall.  i’m currently in alameda, CA, described as a step back into the 50s on this island, actually 2 islands, in the San Francisco Bay.  10 minutes across a bridge or under a tunnel to get to oakland. halfhour train ride from their to san francisco. i can see a small outline of the city skyline from the deck at my ma’s apartment. this windy little balcony’s got a lot of chard and tomatoes and parsley and basil right now. i’ve planted beets, nasturtiums, cilantro, and cat grass which is already coming up strong.  plans to meet up with marcelo at people’s grocery and check out new urban farms and also the alameda point collective, never met anyone there nor have i been there, but they do a number of things including childcare and farming.  mostly I’ve been helping my mom out with things and taking some time for myself. the two weeks i’ve been here have gone pretty quickly and have been real good for my heart. some pain learned from, some joys enjoyed, some people cherished.

to anyone reading this, and thus taking a moment to be inside my articulated thoughts as exposed one windy cold monday, and everyone i have been close to, i blow a kiss of gratitude. i do not want to rely on energy intensive communication systems to subsitute what organizing (or community)  really is: connections between people and the experience of collectivity. i want my family (which includes a ton of people under that umbrella term) and friends in movement  to know that those relationships mean the world to me and that i want to try to be as supportive and reliable of a person as i can be. through bonds of trust, shared experience, and love, collectivity gains a foothold. not sure where this blog/statement of mission thing came from…i just started writing and this is what i had to say…

i recommend two movies: capitalism, a love story and inception. i appreciated both of them a lot, but was disappointed by some racial frames/tropes, and as always felt the conversation unfinished.

oh, and went over to ODC Dance Commons in SF and took a class with my teacher Elvia Marta. aww, love, you are so beautiful and energetic and it was amazing to be back in your presence and get back into my body like that in over two months.

St. Luke’s Gospel: “Blessed are the poor, woe are the rich.”

Mathew’s 17:8: “Shut the Fuck Up.”   -Margaret Cho


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