got a few days here in san antonio and am crashing on a couch and spending time with folks in the southwest workers union. we met at the social forum and its been really interesting being in this context and learning more about their work. the way that they incorporate food justice and food sovereignty into a largely union struggle with thousands of workers including domestic workers, and migrant farm workers. today we’re setting up a rain catchment system. SWU is really involved in the july 29th day without papers and i strongly urge anyone reading this to go to arizona if you can. by leaving your papers at home or burning them and entering arizona without them, the aim is to spotlight racial profiling. this is going to be major and i hope to come or get involved in a solidarity action in the bay area.

a note on the title of this blog: i’ve been increasingly inspired by the reclamation of space through cultivation. i also have been feeling like communities are ecosystems and the way we develop can depend on conditions (soil), amount of  joy (sun), and maybe sadness? (rain?) i don’t know, i just like the garden way of thinking about things because it accepts entering conditions and fosters agency over how to cultivate. i’ve had a poster for a long time of two beets looking at eachother and it says “we are in this garden for such a short time together.”  thinking about what “our garden” is, what will we plant?

the next couple days we might be taking a walk  (yes we’re that close) to the alamo. very interested to see what the language is like in demarcating history.


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