New to this bloggin thang! Started this because i’m wanting to stay in touch with friends, loved ones, and comrades. Right now I’m thinking about how traveling and learning with my brother, Ryan, has been fantastic. We met up the day before the US Social Forum began in Detroit, Michigan, and settled into my little tent at Spaulding Courts. The two rundown brick apartment buildings that make up Spaulding Courts are almost entirely boarded up and are currently being made into liveable (roofs were caving in), affordable apartments with some intentional community building in the process. Some of those involved in this made the courtyard waterproof by stringing tarps above part of it and putting down mulch so that the tents would have a little cushion. it worked out really well and was only a half hour walk to the main location of the social forum. (if you haven’t heard what the social forum was, check out their website ussf.org)

I’m working on reformatting a short video from the opening march so that i can upload it for you to see. You can probably imagine that with 10,000 people in attendance, the march would include almost every possible issue, and it did. but unifying themes included celebration of victories and awareness of the obstacles to justice, health of communities and planet, and liberation. It was 3pm on a Tuesday, and was barely covered AT ALL in the local media, so it probably didn’t have much effect for those not participating but it was certainly energizing for those there.

I have much much more to write about experiences at the forum and on the road since, and many videos to accompany! I got a little Flip camera off of craigslist and will be using that to document, so you can look forward to videos of community organizations, public art, conversations and perhaps silliness. But for now, my brother and i need to make our way towards the Chicago greyhound bus station and head to San Antonio, TX to learn more about what the rad Southwest Worker’s Union is doing and other things in San Antonio.


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